Some comments from customers who have purchased from us. They have given permission, of course.

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The Goddess Amirha

  "I recently purchased an all new professional smotherbox/bench.. A smotherbench. I've searched forever for just a box and never found anything like this, but was finally able to find a mastermind with an aptitude for craftsmanship.. With built in wrist/ankle restraints.. an inflatable pillow in the box, and adjustable headclamps to completely trap his head into place and raise it as far out of the box as I'd like it.. My slave has never been more helpless. ZERO choice and absolutely no escape. I could completely smother him until he passes out, no cheating breaths.. no throwing me off or even having to fight him for it.. or maybe clamp his mouth open and drop whatever I'd like into it?! (I'll be testing this in the future) All I do is just sit comfortably with his face wedged tight into my sweaty ass crack while he suffers.. Maybe give his pillow an extra pump or two, shoving him deeper and deeper into my ass while he already cant breathe and is starting to panic..."




Goddess Amirha using her SmotherBench

Customer Phil:

Overall satisfaction with your SmotherBench 1-10?

"10 I got what I paid for 5 star perfection."


Phil's actual SmotherBench prior to shipping

Customer Keith:

MMC: Hi Keith, how do you like it so far?

"I'm loving it. Works like a dream. I'm glad I made the purchase thanks for checking in with me"


Keith's actual SmotherBench prior to shipping

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