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Smother Harness

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Wrist Restraints Included!

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Perfect for forced Ass Worship,! Hands free! Also called a Face Harness, the Smother Harness traps the victim's face against the dominants ass!


There are two parts to it: The Belt, and the Head Cradle. The Dominant wears the belt, and the submissive wears the Head Cradle. When they are snapped together and tightened, you become as one. Use the wrist restraints and your sub is there until you feel like letting him/her go.

Made from high quality, super soft yet extremely strong extra thick vinyl, and strong yet soft nylon (not cheap polypropylene) strap material. High quality, simple adjusting, easy release, snap buckles make it very easy to get into and out of.

Caution: Play safe! This thing really works!!!!! See short clip of it in use to the right.