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Our Smotherbox is better than all the rest!
It is extremely comfortable whether in it or on it, especially suited for multi-hour sessions. The over-padded seat is made from the best marine grade vinyl, with 2" of compressed upholstery foam. The unique, inflatable head pillow has 4" of travel to position the face higher or lower by the sitter while in use! The Headclamps are infinitely adjustable, from free head movement up to firm clamping.

Oak SmotherBox


Constructed from 100% solid Red Oak, grain matched for beauty. Ergonomic design results in small footprint and total comfort whether on it or in it. Unusual design is such that the seat extends over the entire box in all directions--comfort in any position! No corner limitations or sharp edges to interfere with leg movement of the person on it. Use it for longer sessions in comfort! Carefully stained and coated with 3 clearcoats of gloss polyurethane for beauty and durability. Matching solid red oak infinitely adjustable padded headclamps.




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