MasterMind Crafts designs and builds unique products for adult play, for people who want the very best. Our products are beautiful, rugged, ergonomic, allergen free, and very well engineered. We do not compromise, and best of all, everything works perfectly and will last for years. Dungeon Rated: Over 20 professional Dominatrixes and 15 video clip producers use our products commercially, with no reported failures yet.

Sorry, but we are not making any of our products at this time.

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Oak SmotherBench

Sturdy, beautiful, comfortable, versatile, and very, very effective!

(Queening Chair; Queening Throne)


Our newest designed SmotherBench is made from solid Red Oak and strong enough for dungeon use. It is a combination SmotherBox (or Queening Throne, Facesitting chair) and bondage bench. It is super comfortable for both players and designed for long sessions in complete comfort.

(Queening Chair; Queening Throne)

Our SmotherBox is the same one that comes with our SmotherBench.  We believe it is the best design there is anywhere, and the quality cannot be matched. No other smotherbox comes close!

Smotherbox, SmotherBench, SMothering, facesitting, queening

Smother Harness

The Smother Harness traps the victim's face against the dominant's butt!

Smother Harness facesitting ass worship
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Toilet Chair

Red seat black chair.jpg

No Explanation Needed...